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Version History

Feb. 20, 2017
Added option that prevents Mac modeless dialogs from grabbing focus in Finale 2014.5 and higher. (On by default.)
Miscellaneous Utilities: Added ability to position page-oriented expressions in any category.
All menu description strings now localizable.
Measure Numbers: Mac checkboxes now work in Finale 2014.5 and Finale 25.
Patterson Beams: More consistent results with 32nd notes.
Miscellaneous: Fixed issue in Copy Lyric Num where lyrics text got copied to the wrong number.
Mac escape key now is the same as pressing "Cancel" or "Close" buttons. (Finale 2014.5 and higher)
Added support for Keep Octave Transposition in Concert Pitch option introduced in Finale 25.2.
Jan. 9, 2017
New Utilites:
Change Lyric Number
Copy Page Layout
Copy System Baselines
Crumb-Style 5-Beat Notes
Delete Hidden V2
Group Reset
Page-Oriented Titles
System Caching

Mass Copy: now copies baselines when creating a new Lyric text block.
Mass Copy: Smarter comparison of Lyric text blocks.
Stored Settings: re-enable storing of staff groups in Fin12+.
Beam Selection: Fixed undo string (broken in v4.0).
Patterson Beams: apply special short stems for singleton beams more consistently

Bug fixes.

v5.04 Aug. 17, 2016 64-bit support for Finale 25 (Mac & Win).
Smart Shape Editor: recognizes new dotted slurs in Finale 25.
Mass Copy: can now copy primary beam breaks.
Option and Info: new option to warn if saving musx file in an older version of Finale (off by default).
Staff Sets: optionally show staff set description in plugin menu for Fin14d and higher (on by default).
Multimeasure Rests: option to use expression for single measures.
v5.03 Apr. 8, 2016 Prepare code base for 64-bit builds.

Added German localization to Patterson Beams. This localization replaces the separate "Patterson Balken" binaries that were dropped in 4.50 (on Sep. 11, 2014). German users will now automatically see the German version if they are using German Finale.
v5.02 Mar. 10, 2016 Mass Copy
Do not leave checkbox checked when canceling out of 2ndary dlg.

Multimeasure Rests
Handle Automatic Double Bar Before Key Change option that is new in Fin14.5
Add option to delete existing multimeas rests before creating new ones.

Name Utilities
Add option to set default horizontal staff name positions to those of group names.

Settings Scrapbook
Fix EDTTextInsertDefPrefs copying issue due to mis-sized struct def.
v5.01 Sep. 23, 2015
Released versions for Finale 2014.5

Check pent for null in EntryPtr::IsNull().
Fixed issue where smart shape assignment with bogus centerShape id caused plugins (Beam Over and Mass Copy) to fail.

Mass Copy
Fixed crash when copying over source with two copies of the same expression.

Beam Over Barline
Fixed issue where cryptic message appear on whole-doc select
Fixed issue where switching away and back could crash Finale 2014.5
Fixed issue where Automatic Update Layout caused cryptic message

Note Spacing
Added "Minimum Distance Between Ledger Lines" option.
v5.00 Apr. 12, 2015 Repackaged Windows version to include Smart Shape Editor.
v5.00 Apr. 9, 2015 See the new version announcement.